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Circuit Board Business Cards

Team: Neve Monroe-Anderson, Canth Cowie

Timeline: 4 weeks

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, KiCad

Product: Circuit Board Business Cards


Design a unique business card for an electrical engineering client. Through discussion we found their desire to take advantage of economic circuit board printint to be a viable option for these cards. This version one design incorperates room for the client to add circuits for a solar panel, stylus, and touch musical keyboard.


The client was inspired by circuit board artwork, while I felt other designs of inventive business cards would help shape this project. Together we realized we hoped the design took full advantage of the material while looking amazing--in short, the board was also designed with a functional element to help the client show off their micro-electronic skills.


I worked heavily with the client to understand the standard labeling on circuit boards and to match the aesthetic of machine routed boards. We also worked to establish their feelings about the visual hierachy of the design, and necissary exported elements for print.

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