Neve Monroe Anderson

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Spoofing NASA (and other poster projects)

Team: Individual

Timeline: ~2 weeks per poster

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop

Product: 11x17 posters formatted for print


For this project I worked with a long term client, RPMnh, to craft a custom addition to the NASA Poster Series Visions of the Future to be printed exclusively for this Hanover Record and Poster Shop. Owner Bryan wanted a poster which fit into the overall aesthetic of the series and had text and illustration based around the idea of “sailing the sea of tranquility”-- the flat section on the moon where astronauts landed.


In order to match the aesthetic of the NASA series I heavily referenced it, as well as vintage travel posters, something the series makes reference to in its aesthetics and which the shop is known for selling.


I began by sketching some ideas and researching possible sailing options. I then analyzed the composition and color of the posters in the NASA series. I then thumbnailed several designs before working on the finished poster.

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