Neve Monroe Anderson

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Sunfish Brewing

Team: Individual

Timeline: 1 week

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator

Product: Can and logo designs for a non-alcoholic craft soda company, Sunfish Brewing.


Create a series of can designs that let this non-alcoholic craft soda hold it's own on a shelf of craft beers. The company wants to bring the visual interest of craft beer marketing to their soda's for adults.


The can designs for this project were inspired by the colorful landscapes and abstractions pictured in the designs below. Their logo was inspired by both family crests and the clean lines and radial symmetry also present in these designs.


I began this process by sketching logo and can designs, iterating through possible logos and can layouts before beginning to illustrate and experiment more concretely with layouts. After I had created labels I was happy with I moved on to creating mockups of the designs in Photoshop.

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